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For Nearly 20 years Cobblers the Clown has been consistently Entertaining Children & Adults across Scotland
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My Party Packages
The party starts right here...
Cobblers & Co have everything you need for a terrific children's party. If your child (or grown up) has a birthday coming up soon you can start planning the party right now...  book online, visit our hints and tips page for some handy stress-free party ideas.
All parties are tailored to suit any budget and venue.
Children's discos are just great for those little but older kids...All the latest hits, a fantastic light / smoke show*, and Cobblers' entertaining games/Action Dances.
Our Fun Time Guarantee
I Cobblers the Clown (that's me with the big smile), promise to be extra nice and helpful to everyone I meet. I promise to wear my best clothes, to be the best entertainer I can be, but most of all, to have as much fun as possible! Why now, it's easy!

Example Parties
1 hour Clown/variety show with a magic/variety show (suitable for all) that lasts for approx 30-45 minutes then finish by making balloon animals for all the children.. All prices on request

2 hour Clown/Variety show with all the above & Mini Disco/action dances with games etc. (the Works) in the 2nd half. I do all the organising.. all P.A. supplied.

2  hour disco** for the older children, full Dj Rig with smoke and lights, Action Dances and games, to keep the party Rockin..
*depending on venue, Some have no smoke policies!! - **No Clown Makeup!!
Bookings can be made using the form below

1. Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door; it guides guests to the party and sets the mood.

2. Save squeakers, blowers and balloons till the end - or they could ruin the party! Hang the balloons up, out of reach, and give one to each child as a going home present.

HInts & Tips for a stress Free party

Check out our Tips below

5. Don't serve food, ice-cream or other refreshments once the magic show has begun - it's asking for trouble! Most of the food will end up on your carpet and sticky fingers will be everywhere.

6. Send out your invitations and hire your entertainer EARLY. There are more Venues, than Entertainers.

3. Get a big cardboard box and as the children arrive, put the presents they bring safely into it, so that they may be opened AFTER the party.

4. Seating children around a table for the meal is always preferable because you isolate the food and drink in one area. However, if space is at a premium, buffet meals can work very well.

7. Do hire a reputable professional entertainer to run your party. It is a worthwhile investment because to the birthday child, this is one of the most important days of the year.

8. Finally....forget about the washing up and join in the fun yourself!

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